sb h1Peter Karlsson MD and CEO of P&P Global Expansion Services has had extensive experience in the areas of Market Expansion, Business Growth, Quality and Risk Management. He is Swedish, has lived and worked in Europe, North America and Asia and has been based in Sydney Australia for the last 25 years. Peter Specialises in helping companies expand and grow with less risk both globally and locally.  Peter worked for several global organisations such as Large Scale PPPs involved with major developments, GM, Major multinational hotel chains as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Peter Karlsson also worked as Quality and Compliance Manager at The Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Peter Karlsson’s educational background is in international business and medical science and he is passionate about helping companies and other organisations to win both locally and globally.  Apart from being a founder and CEO of several different companies, he is also available for international consulting, auditing, training, guest speaking and lecturing assignments.  

Below is a list of some of the articles and videos Peter Karlsson has published iternationally :

Increasing Foreign Company Profits

With most of the world having financial problems, it is no wonder that so many companies are now trying their luck in the Asia Pacific.  2013 will no doubt be a make it or break it year for many companies in the region.  In particularly for companies who struggle to understand the business culture in the Asia Pacific asserts Peter Karlsson from Profits And People.


Successful Strategic Expansion In The Asia Pacific

The Chinese economy is expected to grow at around 7% per year in the next five years, still creating growth in the rest of Asia Pacific.  This growth rate still allows companies to expand with the right strategies.  Peter Karlsson from Profits And People outlines four key focus areas for successful expansion.


Capitalize On Patient Centered Health Care

With one of the strongest economic growths in the world and a rapidly aging population, there is no wonder why Pharmaceutical, Medtech and other Healthtech companies invest heavily in the Asian Pacific region.  Construction work relating to hospitals and other health related projects also provides ample opportunities for savvy investors.  So what will the future look like?


Companies Need Better Risk Management & Due Diligence

Several experts have expressed concerns about an increase in insolvency risk in 2012, even in the Asian Pacific region, which is experiencing a GDP growth almost twice as high as the global average.  This needs to serve as a warning to all directors and managers even if they are reasonably safe from a potential insolvency situation.  Great losses in revenue can be incurred by not having appropriate risk management and due diligence strategies.


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