State of Global Expansion Services


Global competition and increased risk

Global competition is forcing companies to look into new areas in order to expand and grow. The risks are higher than ever and companies are looking for providers and partners who can help them expand & grow with less risk. This is a trend that will continue for many years and the global expansion services industry is expected to grow at around 10% annually for the next five years because of this.

Expansion services providers need to be more honest

I feel that the attitude among many providers in the industry needs to change. Far too often they will downplay risks to lure companies into new areas so that they can sell them additional services. The industry needs to be better at identifying major risks and helping to mitigate these risks. Helping clients with quality management issues to ensure long-term profitability is also vital.

Understanding cultural differences is essential for success

Regulations are constantly changing, so helping companies with compliance issues is essential. The ability to enforce contracts varies greatly around the world and different cultures have different habits. Helping companies understand cultural differences can be the difference between success and total failure. This is something many people fail to understand.

An increase in business confidence drives expansion projects

The major thing that is disrupting the industry at the moment is a global lack in business confidence post GFC. The recent growth in the stock market is however starting to cause an increase in global business confidence. This is causing more companies to start new expansion & growth projects and the future is starting to look more positive.

My personal reasons for joining the industry

I personally decided to get involved in the global expansion services industry for two major reasons. My career spanned several different industries and it was always my job to help the organisations that I worked for expand and grow with less risk. I also loved experiencing new and different cultures and I had lived and worked in five different countries before the age of 25.

The secrets to success in the expansion industry

My personal mission is to improve trade & relations between different cultures by promoting sustainable prosperity and stability. I believe that you need to really be a bigger picture person who loves new and foreign cultures if you want to succeed in this industry. Even if you end up staying in one country, the successful interaction with other cultures is essential for successful expansion & growth of your organisation.

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