Because you are very busy, you might need help when:


  • You need to expand and grow targeting new areas
  • Business sustainability strategies need to be improved
  • You need help with quality management issues
  • You need better risk managagement for greater peace of mind
  • You want to take advantage of global changes and not being a victim
  • Steering your organisation's long term success gets harder
  • Managing both strategy and execution gets challenging
  • New systems and processes need to be implemented
  • You are looking for new growth areas
  • Processes and procedures need updating
  • You need to research/evaluate new markets
  • Government approval processes are daunting
  • You need to build stronger relationships with your customers


We help to ensure that your business can focus on vital core activities with minimal disruptions.

Quality Management Systems

*Affordable quality management for optimal long term profitability and stakeholder engagement.* We can monitor your suppliers, distributors and contractors as well, ensuring that they provide a quality service to you and deliver on their promise.  P&P Global Expansion Services have vast experience with the implementation and monitoring of extensive Quality Management Systems and quality control.  We have experts who are also qualified auditors of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and are happy tho help you not with just audits and inspections, but also with consulting and training support when necessary.  We help improve quality assurance.


What Makes Us Unique

*We offer a unique combination of innovative services that you won't find anywhere else*. Our cost effective custom-made Business Expansion and Quality Management Solutions will help you win.  


The Winning Edge

*P&P Global Expansion Services give you the sustainable edge that helps you win against your competitors.* We help you be more agile & competitive wheter a large PPP or smaller project management - supporting you from feasibility studies to supply chain management.  Our integrated services give you a sustainable advantage and our unique and cost effective approach allows for a more profitable and stable operation in the-long term.  We help to create a more sustainable business with a smoother operation and increased stakeholder engagement.   



Providing Training For All Levels Of Your Organisation in Expansion, Growth, Quality & Risk


Innovative and unique project support for the entire life-cycle: Find out more