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Change Management For A Constantly Changing Market-Place

Several studies have shown that most organisational change initiatives fail. Research focusing on people and change, shows that only 15% embrace change, 60% are uncertain about change and 25% resist change. We therefore use change management consulting techniques that focus on people, culture, process and systems. We have identified 16 important components to a successful change management strategy.

We understand that different people learn in different ways. For this reason we will create programs that meet your specific needs.

  1. An impartial performance analysis: is ideally performed by an independent consultant who does not get involved with the politics of the organisation.
  2. Understanding people and culture: helps to create custom tailored solutions.
  3. Coaching for change: support the people who resist change or are uncertain.
  4. Dealing with stress: stress hormones cause people to make bad decisions.
  5. Avoid an insular approach: a 'do it yourself' mentality has proven to be catastrophic for many organisations.
  6. Authentic communication: an effective communication strategy is vital.
  7. Encourage dynamic and innovative solutions: focus on passionate people.
  8. Formulate a clear objective: without a clear objective the project will fail.
  9. Build the right change management team: people embracing change.
  10. Develop a clear action plan: everyone needs to understand and own the plan.
  11. Assess change readiness: strategic readiness is important for major projects.
  12. Implement change: use people who are experienced in strategy execution.
  13. Consolidate change: ensure the organisation does not revert back to its old unworkable ways.
  14. Completion of a project doesn't mean completion of change.
  15. Reward your people: focus on creating a better community in the work place.
  16. Prepare for future changes: constant change is inevitable so be flexible.
  17. Create a change resilient organisation: the organisation of the future needs change resilient people. When recruiting and training keep this in mind.

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