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Our Business Development Will Help You Win! 

Increase your PROFITS through innovative Business Development both GLOBALLY and LOCALLY.

P&P global will help you win with less risk.  With more than 30 years  experience, you can trust us as your partner in growth & expansion.


  • Our innovative and high quality services will save you both time and money and will help you to be more agile.
  • We will analyse and improve your business development to help you win against your competitors. 
  • P&P Global will support your Business Development both locally and internationally.

We are strong believers in innovative BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MODELS that support our clients in the long term, both in local and overseas markets. P&P Global Expansion Services will help your organisation build a framework that encourages long term profitability & growth. Our Head office is in Sydney Australia in the Asia Pacific and we help organisations to expand and grow both globally and locally.

Win Against Your Competition With Our Cost Effective Solutions

We are used to doing business when times are tough and are strongly committed to reducing the costs for our clients without compromising quality. For companies with headquarters elsewhere, it can be very difficult to keep the costs down while trying to have a sustainable business in new markets. P&P global Expansion Services will go where where the action is and favour cost effective strategies that help your bottom line. We make sure that you can continue to do what you do best while growing & having a sustainable business in new as well as existing markets.

Innovative companies must do more to stay competitive globally

With both the US and Europe slowly coming out of the financial crisis, increased confidence globally will allow for more opportunities to grow and expand. Asia will still offer attractive opportunites and so will the Middle East and other regions.  We can analyse & research these markets and will help you to  be sustainable in the new markets.  Since we are experts in Expansion, Growth, Quality and Risk Management, we can offer unique full service solutions that help you win. The increased competition in the global market place creates new challenges and companies neede more sustainable strategies in order to succeed. P&P Global Expansion Services realize this and therefore use dynamic and innovative strategies designed for a more competitive market place. This is true for all the organisations that we work with regardless of size or how long they have been in business for.

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