Strategy Management

Strategy Management From Strategic Analysis To Strategy Design & Strategy Execution

The organisation of the future needs a stronger strategic focus from Marketing Strategies to HR and Supply Chain.

In lawsuits involving several different organisations, the judges have often ruled that both the management and the directors are responsible for the strategies. In order to avoid expensive damage claims, there therefore needs to be a stronger focus on effective strategy management. P&P Global Expansion Services help you to navigate around this mine field. We ensure that the systems and processes developed take both your people and culture into consideration.  Whether it is your Marketing Strategy or other strategise you need help with, we are here to support you.  

We use a modern applied approach which focuses on people, culture, process and systems. Important points that we focus on in strategy management are:

  1. An impartial strategic analysis: our job is to be effective, not opinionated!
  2. Understanding your people and culture: helps to understand your needs.
  3. Build the right team: involve IT, HR and Finance; use passionate people.
  4. Develop the strategy: strategic change agenda examining the needs.
  5. Plan the strategy: use strategy maps or other proven techniques.
  6. Keep your team engaged and motivated: make it fun when possible.
  7. Align the organisation: link strategies to individual business units.
  8. Translate the strategy: use language that everyone understands.
  9. Communicate the strategy: honest communication explaining the benefits.
  10. Focus on key strategic initiatives: the main forces ensuring success.
  11. Develop a strategic action plan: a clear and concise plan with timelines.
  12. Test and adapt: make sure it works in real life and not just in theory.
  13. Plan operations: link long-term strategy with daily operations.
  14. Develop operating plan: use dashboards, sales forecasts and budgets.
  15. Assess strategic readiness: check the external and internal environment.
  16. Effective strategy execution: solid execution is essential to your success.
  17. Reward your people: this ensures that people support your strategies.
  18. Monitor and learn: intelligent people learn from both successes and failures.

This is an important process we use in strategy management. To find out how we can support your organisation, contact us.

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